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All of our pups are not released to new owners until they are a minimum 8 weeks old per state law. I do prefer to keep some puppies longer depending on size and puppy development.  All payments on dogs must be received a week prior to departure date or cash payment on pickup date.

If you don't make arrangements with me 2 weeks after pick up date the puppy will be relisted for sale again and all received money will not be refunded. Deposits are non-refundable since a puppy is no longer for sale once deposit is received. Sales tax will be required for all Texas sales.

We do everything possible to assure you are taking home a healthy pup. If the pup does have a problem and it is not life threatening, we require you to return the pup and we will nurse it back to health, (We do not pay vet bills) and then return the pup to you. If the pup should have a life threatening genetic problem (licensed Veterinary diagnoses required) within one year of purchase we will replace the pup with the next available like puppy.  After purchase you are required to take the puppy to a licensed vet within 48 hours for a health checkup. If this is not complied with any and all guarantees are void. Any death must be accompanied by a licensed Veterinary autopsy for replacement.

When you adopt a pup from us, you adopt us too, so please call for the life of your dog, which we pray will be a long and healthy one, with any questions or advise on health issues or any concern. We also enjoy pictures and stories. We have tried to answer questions that are most often asked but if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email or call.

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